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Healthcare No-Spill Edge

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  • LiquidPour’s proprietary urethane formula offers the perfect balance between durability and comfort.
  • Extremely durable, impact and puncture resistant, LiquidPours’ urethane edges are perfect for heavy use applications such as office, education, healthcare and hospitality.
  • Comprised of approximately 65% vegetable oil, LiquidPour urethane edges are rapidly renewable and can contribute towards LEED credits.
  • Offered in over 66 standard colors, providing the variety required to suit your design needs.
  • Available in 10 profiles including ergonomic profiles with arm-friendly curves, and our No-Drip profile which contains spills.
  • Permanently bonded seams do not allow liquids to seep into and collect at the seam between laminate and the edge, making our tops the only surface acceptable for many healthcare, education and food service organizations.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives further reduce the spread of infection.
  • UV resistant material will not change color or break down over time.
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