Canadian Commercial Furniture

Furniture Fire Safety Regulations

Furniture fire safety regulations have become essential components of any business or common area within North America. CAL 133 and CAL 117 are landmark regulations for the furniture industry. These standards were developed to provide a more realistic, practical test for judging the fire safety performance of seating in public places.

Fire safety is a top priority, and often mandatory, for many of our customers, especially those in corporate, healthcare and commercial industries. These regulations are especially critical relating to accessible means of egress in a public area.

We are proud to carry many different textiles and foams which meet these standards

  • What is CAL 133?

    CAL 133 an acronym for California Technical Bulletin 133. It is sometimes written as Cal 133, Cal TB 133 or TB133.

  • What does it mean?

    CAL 133 is a standard for public buildings or public assembly areas that have areas containing ten or more pieces of seating.

  • What does CAL 133 test for?

    CAL 133 is a full-scale fire test for furniture. The standards do not specify how to construct furniture, only how it should perform when tested.

  • Is CAL 133 only for California?

    No - various provinces, states and some cities have adopted this standard.

  • Can fabric be labeled CAL 133?

    Fabric by itself cannot be labeled as such. CAL 133 applies only to fully assembled seating products that have been tested with approved textiles and foams.

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