Canadian Commercial Furniture

Finishes and Stains

Choose from the following guides.

Willow Series Finish Guide

Our most complete series - Willow finish selections are beautiful and unique. Can be added to most custom wood frame products.

Eastern Series Finish Guide

Eastern series was originally intended for healthcare and senior living purposes, but has evolved into a complete line-up for any industry.

West End Series Finish Guide

This collection offers standard finish and stain options for great value and classic aesthetics. Primarily used for dining seating applications.

Canadian Commercial Furniture understands the importance of choosing the right finish, and we emphasize this decision to each client and their corresponding project.

With that being said, many of our customers believe that overall aesthetic quality can be just as important as structural integrity. Selecting the correct finish is a vital step as it pertains to any new or existing atmosphere. Whether the goal is to reduce overall contrast between existing pieces, or to create fresh focal points, this should not be a decision made lightly.

In most situations, samples can be couriered for physical inspection.

Looking for a particular colour that you can not find? Contact us and we will work with you to find the correct match!

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