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Canadian Commercial Furniture is an organization committed to lasting impressions. Comfortable, distinct pieces designed for high usage.

We believe industry expertise combined with valued customer relations are key elements of a unique experience. As a result, our team will ensure a seamless experience from placing your order to your on-time delivery.

Tailor-made Solutions.

Every project is unique. Custom dimensions, materials and designs available.

There are numerous options for customization, but do not feel overwhelmed! Our in-house design and floor planning team is here to assist. Let us help turn your ideas into reality today.

Canadian Commercial Furniture Advantages

Custom Orders

Looking for something specific? Build your desired item from the ground up with our custom manufacturing capabilities.

Order Tracking

We are happy to provide our customers with detailed tracking information for each purchase. Follow your order through every step.

Canadian Made

Our products are proudly sourced and constructed in Canada - support our industry and experience outstanding performance.

Environmentally Conscious

CCF takes social responsibility seriously. We source sustainable, safe materials which are utilized to create long lasting pieces.


Commercial environments are demanding, high traffic areas which require durable seats and surfaces. Firstly, these products must be able to withstand potential damage and heavy punishment caused by wear and tear. It is important to understand that purchasing generic furnishings will result in higher operating costs over time, due to repairs and replacements.

Canadian Commercial Furniture sources products specifically designed for such applications. As such, we are known for providing worry-free solutions to any commercial or corporate establishment. Purchase with confidence. Purchase Canadian Commercial Furniture!

Custom frame finishes and a wide variety of upholstery options create endless possibility for your office, lounge or public area. Expertise in local flammability rating requirements are critical when it comes to custom pieces. Therefore, our products can be CAL 133 certified. Lastly, all of our fabrics meet CAL 117 standards.


Hospitality furnishings make or break the aesthetics and theme of any establishment. For example, even the most beautiful property or building will not realize its full potential without matching furniture.

In this particular industry, affordability and budget can be extremely important. Therefore, aesthetics and product quality are not the only factors for many restaurants. With that being said, Canadian Commercial furniture is proud to offer many solutions which cover all three categories.

With floor planning and design services, we are proud to offer one-stop solutions for any new build or current renovation.


In the healthcare industry, selecting the correct furniture is extremely important. In other verticals, there can be a small margin of error which is accepted. With healthcare, there can be no exceptions and any shortcoming can have major consequences.

Using the incorrect materials or purchasing furnishings based off style and aesthetics is detrimental. Moreover, compromise is not a concept that should be encouraged by any healthcare facility. As a result, your furniture must meet the highest tier of performance to assure sanitary requirements are met.

Canadian Commercial Furniture will only suggest products which provide this peace of mind. In conclusion, please consider your organization’s unique sanitary needs and do make concessions to these requirements.

Senior Living

Long term care, retirement and assisted living centers are growing throughout North America. In addition, these locations are often furnished with improper materials. For instance, without the proper upholstery, your residents and staff may complain about sanitary conditions.

Family and friends should feel welcome in any senior living atmosphere – this can be achieved by creating a vibrant atmosphere which include top grade furnishings. Without question, long term care establishments are competing against one another to create the best quality of life offerings. In other words, efficient purchasing with an emphasis on value and worth is paramount.

Our pieces represent this contrast. By combining industry leading experience with affordability, these important goals can be met.

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